Emo Tatto 012

Emos Tattoos

Emo tattoos is a cool idea for your next tattoo.…

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Moto Trial Tattoo 001

Moto Tattoos

The moto tattoos are a good idea for motocross and…

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Azteca Tattoo 004

Azteca Tattoos

4 Azteca tattoo designs to choose for your skin. Azteca…

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World Template Tattoo

World Map Tattoos Designs

World map and world sphere to your tattoo. Can you…

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Demon Girl Tattoo

Sexy Girls Tattoos

6 sexy girls for your sexy tattoo design. The sexy…

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Cupido Tattoo

Cupid Tattoo

Cupid tattoo design is to share the love . This…

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Dragones Tribal Tattoo 001

Dragon Tribals Tattoos

Ideas for dragon tribals tattoos

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Tribal Tattoo 067

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Ideas and designs for tribal tattoos  

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5-pointed Star Satanic Symbol Tribal Tattoo

5 Pointed star – Satanic Tattoo

Idea for satanic 5 pointed star.

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Butterfly and  Flower Tribal Tattoo 009 Thumb

Butterfly Tattoos

Ideas and designs for butterfly tribals and butterfly tattoos.

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Dragon-Fly Tribal Tattoo

Dragon-Fly Tribal Tattoo

Dragon-Fly tribal Tattoo

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Eye Tribal Tattoo 001

Eyes Tribals Tattoos

Designs and ideas for eyes tribals tattooing

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Escorpion Tribal Tattoo 001

Scorpion Tribal Tattoo

Scorpion tribal tattoo design.

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Cicle Tribal Tattoo 069

Cicle Tribal Tattoo

Cicle tribal tattoo  

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Music Tattoo

Idea for music tattoo with partiture and notes. See this…

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3 Skulls Tattoo

Skulls Tattoos

Ideas and designs for skull tattoos.   

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Skulls Collection Tattoos 003

Skull Icon Tattoos

Skull icon tattoos for tattooing your skin. Some skull icons.

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Bones and Skull Tribal Tattoo

Skull Tribal Tattoo

Skull Tribal Tatto is original and cool for your skin

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Tattoo images, tattoos designs and ideas for tattooing your skin.

The tattoo culture was imported from Ploynesia in the 18th century. In 1769 James Cook returned to Europe from her visit to New Zeland and Thaiti with the tattoo concept. In this time the tattoing practice was described as paiting, staining or pricking.

The tattoo art is a form to modificate the skin pigment. You can changing your skin inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer.

The tattoo words that describe today the tattoos as ink, skin art, tats or tattoo art and the tattoo creators are tattooers or tattoo artists. Some tattoo studios and tattoo shops are waiting to tattooing your skin with your wished tattoos.